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Terms of Use on the “SOHO AIR” Website

The Terms of Use on the aforementioned website is written in the masculine form but refers to men and women alike.


The “SOHO AIR” website (hereinafter referred to as “The Website”) is a website used as a representative website (“design, furniture, and lighting”) for “Company Name/Your Business” and you are invited to take part in compliance with the terms of use detailed below. In addition to the use of this website and all of its content and services on offer, the downloading of files, media such as images and videos, and various other content offered to its public of visitors is likely to change from time to time or in accordance with the type of content presented. The Website’s management reserves the right to update the Terms of Use presented here from time to time and without warning or special mention on The Website’s various channels.

Return/Exchange Policy

If the fan has yet to be installed and is still in its original packaging (closed), it can be returned together with your receipt in exchange for a refund, up to two weeks from the date of purchase, in accordance with the law.

Deliveries and Returns

There are two ways for you to receive your order: you can pick up your order directly from the store, or receive it to your indicated shipping address at no additional cost, within 10 business days from the date you received confirmation that your order was completed.

Delivery times

When picking up your order – within 7 business days following the completion of your order on The Website (during business hours. Via delivery to your indicated address- within 10 business days following your receiving confirmation that your order on The Website was successfully completed. Deliveries are made via a messenger service. Deliveries are not made on Fridays or on the eve of holidays.

Website Order Confirmation

You will be sent an email confirming the successful completion of your order within 48 hours of your purchase. The email will contain an Order Number.

Shipping Areas

You can place an order via The Website to anywhere in the country. Should your desired address not be within the shipping company’s service area, we will ship your order via Israel Post. In such a case, delivery times will be in accordance with Israel Post’s timelines. We will not ship items outside of Israel. Shipping to the following areas will take place within 14 business days: Eilat, Arava region communities, Negev region communities located south of Be’er Sheva, communities in the Golan Heights and Galilee, as well as any other area defined as such by The Company.

Order Cancellation

Orders made via The Website can be cancelled within one hour of the order’s completion, during the company’s Customer Service Department’s business hours – Sun-Thurs between 9:00-17:00, via telephone: 04-8424290.

Product Returns/Exchanges

You can receive a refund or exchange a product purchased via The Website within 14 days of its delivery to your final address, so long as the fan has not been put together or installed, has not been used, and is closed inside of its original packaging. To return or exchange an item, you must bring the product and order confirmation to a SOHO AIR store and receive your refund or exchange – according to your preference. Refunds will be provided via the same payment option used to complete your purchase. To return/exchange via shipping service at a cost of 50 NIS, call 04-8424290.

Conditions for

Returns/Exchanges of Items Purchased via The Website
You cannot return a fan that has been put together, installed, or used. Any fan being returned must be closed in its original packaging. Items will not be returned or exchanged if the packaging has been opened.

Order Malfunction

Your order may not go through in the following cases: your selected product is out of stock, your credit card or other personal details are not received. Should this occur, a representative of the company will contact you to cancel or update your order.

Errors & Omissions Excepted

In the event that a technical malfunction unfortunately leads to a pricing error, SOHO AIR reserves the right to cancel your order.

Intellectual Property

The Website and any information within it including design, codes, media files, graphics, videos, texts, downloadables, and more are the full and undisputed intellectual property of SOHO AIR and cannot be used without advance written permission from SOHO AIR. In addition, it is forbidden to publish, copy, duplicate, distribute, mimic, or use code, graphics, videos, commercial signs, or any other media or content without first obtaining written permission.

Website Content

We strive to provide you with Website information without interruption, but technical considerations, malfunctions, or other third-party considerations may lead to disrupted Website availability. As such, we cannot guarantee that The Website will be available to you at all times, and we will not provide any monetary compensation, should we stop our services/remove The Website. The presence of external website links on the Website does not guarantee that said websites are safe, high-quality, or trustworthy. Visits to those external websites are to be made of your own will and volition and are under your (the user’s) sole responsibility. Content on The Website are solely owned by SOHO AIR and cannot be used, as stipulated in these Terms (see section 3), except for in certain, indicated cases, or in cases where it is indicated that the content belongs to an external party. In such cases, it is up to you to determine what the Terms of Use are for the external website and operate accordingly.

User & Visitor Management on The Website

The Website’s management reserves the right to block any user by blocking their computer’s IP address, or even in accordance with their computer’s MACID policy – without having to supply any reason. The Website’s staff/management will do everything in their power to protect registered users’/members’ personal details. Should a third-party gain access to the information, the company cannot be sued, nor can claims or demands by made of SOHO AIR staff.


The Website may make use of cookies (especially for registered users and members), as well as internal statistics interfaces, in order to save anonymous statistical documentation of our users, and analyze their online behavior, clicks, and time on The Website. This information is always kept anonymous and never contains users’ names or any other identifying information.

Area of Jurisdiction

Should any conflicts arise when using The Website, you agree that the dispute is under the sole jurisdiction of Israeli law and will only be tried by Israeli courts of justice in the Haifa district.

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