About Us

SOHO AIR is leading a revolution in the market of interior design

SOHO AIR has been leading the industry of furniture and lighting design for over 20 years with an innovative and inspirational design perspective, as well as with rich knowledge on everything pertaining to interior design and the latest design trends.

A breath of fresh air

SOHO AIR’s fans offer a unique integration of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and stunning designs for any residential or business space and any lifestyle, injecting unique characteristics and a pleasant atmosphere into the environment, year-round.

SOHO AIR - Designing an atmosphere

SOHO AIR’s series of ceiling fans are stylish design elements. We present you with a rich variety of high-quality fans styled to suit rustic, urban, modern, or vintage spaces, and excitingly integrate materials, colors, textures, wing designs, and lighting fixtures, which can be activated by turning on the fan, or the light fixture.

The experts for fans

Your enjoyment from ceiling fans begins with their design, but also require the selection of the right fan size and power for the space in which it will be installed. SOHO AIR experts have amassed vast knowledge by engaging in architectural and design projects and are happy to help you find the ideal fan for your lifestyle, design preferences, and structural needs at home or in the office – from as early as when you’re drawing up architectural and/or interior design plans.