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The perfect solution for the ventilation of small and medium spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, safe rooms, and more.

Suitable for spaces sized 8 square meters and larger.

Comes with three uniquely and impressively designed blades. One side of each blade is white and the other side is natural wood. Can be installed according to preference: white body + natural wood blades or white body + white blades.

The fan is extremely quiet and powerful.

The DC motor can turn in both directions. Suitable for summer and winter with 5 speeds and a remote control.

The fan comes with a remote control.

The fan comes with a remote control.

20 watt LED lighting can be added – gentle yet powerful warm light (3000K).

Comes with a rod that is suitable for standard installation (270-290 cm).

Can be installed on a slanted ceiling.

Can be installed outdoors, inside of a roofed-in pergola only.

Exchanges and returns

A refund or a replacement for the product is available within 14 days from receiving the product, keep in mind you can get a refund or a replacement only if the fan wasn’t installed or used and is closed in his original box. You can receive a refund or a replecment by coming to the store with the product and the order confirmation and then choose if you want a refund or a replecment.

Shipping policy

You can pick up your order directly from the store or by delivery to the requested address at no additional cost, within 10 business days from reciving the order confirmation.


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עדין ועוצמתי בגוון אור חם (3000K)

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